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12 July 2016

The InvestorMajor Shareholders and Shareholders Structure 
sections of the website have been updated.

28 June 2016

Diesel Progress, the leading trade journal for diesel engine technology and applications, has published a CEO interview with Dr Steve Dawson in the June 2016 edition. The interview starts on page 84 of the journal. Download the pull-out 2016 Engine Specs-at-a-Glance insert, sponsored by SinterCast.

24 May 2016

The AGM presentations provided by Dr Mark Jolly, Professor of Sustainable Manufacturing at Cranfield University, United Kingdom and by Dr Steve Dawson, President & CEO are now available.

19 May 2016

SinterCast introduces the new Ladle Tracker™ technology.

2 May 2016

The independent quarterly analyst report published by Remium Nordic AB is now available in Swedish and English.

27 April 2016

Dr Steve Dawson, President & CEO, provides an interview on SinterCast´s first quarter results on the website.

24 March 2016

Sweden´s Stockpicker newsletter has published an interview with CEO Dr Steve Dawson. Read the original Swedish interview or the unofficial English translation.