CEO Message

President And CEO Dr Steve Dawson at SinterCast AB

The ever-present demand to achieve more from less provides the engine for our continuous growth.  In the end-user market, Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) allows passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle and industrial power engines to achieve higher performance and improved fuel efficiency while meeting increasingly stringent emissions legislation.  In the foundry customer market, the SinterCast process control technology improves the efficiency of CGI production, resulting in less scrap, improved capacity utilisation, reduced cost and reduced CO2 emissions. Beyond process control technology and technical support, our core product is efficiency.

With successful high volume CGI production in foundries located in Europe, Asia and the Americas, the SinterCast technology has been proven and our contribution to the global CGI market has been embraced and welcomed by the foundry and end-user communities.  While we focus on the provision of accurate, robust and user-friendly products, and impeccable engineering service, we will also continue to promote CGI awareness and applications throughout the industry, to grow the overall market and to reinforce our standing as the CGI company.

With our roots in precision measurement in the demanding foundry environment, we have expanded our technical offering to include a suite of traceability solutions that enable grey iron, ductile iron and CGI foundries to track ladles, moulds, castings and even the performance of individual operators.  These technologies provide improved efficiency for the foundry, improved product quality assurance for the end-users, and complement the image of SinterCast as a technology leader for the conceptualisation, development and provision of unique, value-added products.  More measurements mean more control, more productivity and more profit.

SinterCast - its employees, customers and shareholders - have established a successful business, built on a platform for growth.  Our technology will continue to grow, incorporating new creativity and increasing the functionality and leadership position of our products and services.  Our business will grow, bringing new opportunities and rewards.  And, the CGI market will grow, encompassing new products and geographical regions, expanding our company and bringing value to our customers and our shareholders.

Today, the SinterCast technology is manifested as millions of highly efficient vehicles running on our roads, providing an immense source of pride for those who have pioneered and supported our company.  Equally, it provides the confidence and determination to achieve more.

Dr Steve Dawson
President & CEO