SinterCast has supported CGI product development since 1990.  Much of the development has been based on the production of prototype castings using portable SinterCast 'mini-systems' directly in Customer foundries.  Prototype components can also be produced at SinterCast’s Technical Centre in Katrineholm, Sweden (including local patternmaking for special orders) or at the rapid prototyping facilities of Grainger & Worrall in England.

More information about CGI Test Piece Production at SinterCast's Technical Centre in Sweden

More information about Rapid Prototyping at Grainger & Worrall

SinterCast CGI Prototype production experience

CGI prototype production at >100 foundries in 17 countries

Prototypes delivered to >70 car and truck OEMs

Prototypes delivered to >30 industry suppliers

Test Pieces delivered to >75 machining companies and institutes


Prototypes produced to date: >210,000 
Engine blocks: >54,000 
Cylinder heads: >15,000 
Other Components: >130,000 
Test pieces: >12,000