Can Sintercast technology be used for other alloys than CGI, for example for magnesium treated iron?

Shareholder, name withheld

The SinterCast thermal analysis technology is capable of determining the microstructure of ductile iron, and we have supported the series production of ductile iron in the SKF-Mekan foundry in Katrineholm since November 2000 (see SinterCast Press Release dated 13 November 2000: "SKF to use SinterCast Process Control Technology for Ductile Iron Series Production"). In this case, we use the analysis result from our Sampling Cup to provide control information that can be used by the foundry. It is not a conventional measure-and-correct process with wirefeeding as we use in CGI control.

Although our measurement is technically capable of determining the structure, ductile iron is already a standard production material and neither the technical requirements for additional process control nor the economic conditions regarding ductile iron pricing are amenable to added process cost. We may apply our technology to support special ductile iron castings where there is a specific complexity or technical requirement that improved process control can contribute to, and be compensated for. The application of our technology at SKF-Mekan provides consistency and quality assurance to the foundry and gives SinterCast valuable feedback on the user-friendliness and daily performance of our control system. It is win-win situation.

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