How many tonnes per year can be produced using one SinterCast System 2000?

Shareholder, Charlie Persson

The standard Stand-Alone System 2000 has one Sampling Module (SAM) and is able to analyse one sample every four minutes. As the foundry production increases, we can add a second SAM to double the sampling capacity. In this way, the System 2000 can grow according to the production needs of the foundry. The System 2000 will not be the rate-controlling factor in the foundry production.

The limiting factor in a foundry is the speed of the moulding line and the flow of ladles from the melting area to the pouring area. Modern iron foundries for passenger car cylinder block production have a line speed of about 100 moulds per hour and produce about 10 ladles per hour. The ladles typically range from 1-3 tonnes in size. The System 2000 is able to satisfy these production requirements.

The actual production capacity of each moulding line is determined by the logistics of the foundry: number of moulds per hour; number of tonnes per ladle; number of shifts per day; number of production days per year. The end result can vary from 10,000 to 100,000 tonnes per year. Because of the large variation in ladle size and throughput it is impossible to draw any correlations between the number of SinterCast installations and the total production tonnage or annual revenue.

In our development laboratory in Katrineholm, we stress-test the software by automatically loading analysis files by computer. We can analyse one SinterCast sample every ten seconds which allows us to simulate the equivalent of a full year of production, about 25,000 ladles, in a single weekend.