Will fuel cells influence SinterCast’s business potential?

Shareholder, Anders Thomsson

Fuel cell technology is currently being evaluated and developed as a potential alternative for passenger car propulsion. The technology may also be used in the future for applications such as heating and electricity for domestic homes.

The general consensus in the automotive industry is that internal combustion (petrol and diesel) engines will dominate the passenger car market for at least the next twenty years. This conclusion was also presented in the Page 6 editorial of the May 2002 edition of Automotive Engineering International, published by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), the largest automotive engineering society in the world. The SAE editorial was based on a report compiled by Arthur D. Little and DRI WEFA Inc issued in February 2002.

SinterCast will continue to focus on internal combustion engine applications for CGI. The development of fuel cells does not influence our current business plans or activities.