Does the cooperation between ABB Automation and SinterCast to develop and implement foundry-specific solutions for the production of CGI from heated and non-heated automated pouring furnaces prevent ABB from installing these furnaces without the SinterCast process control system? Does SinterCast (or ABB) have any patent applications pending regarding this kind of production?

Shareholder, Peter K

ABB and SinterCast have totally different, complimentary, roles in the collaboration. ABB provides automatic pouring systems (equipment) that accurately dispense iron into the sand moulds. The pouring system simplifies the transport of iron in the foundry, improves pouring accuracy and requires less labour than traditional manual pouring techniques. This pouring technique has been available to the foundry industry for more than twenty years. In comparison, SinterCast provides the measurement technology that evaluates and controls the liquid iron that passes through the pouring furnace, to ensure that it is within the narrow CGI window. Thus, ABB supplies the automated production equipment while SinterCast supplies the process control technology and know-how required to control the iron. When supplied together, the combination provides a reliable production-ready system. We work closely with our colleagues at ABB to promote the technology to potential customers, but the individual technologies remain the property of each company.

ABB is an independent company that can sell its equipment to any interested customer. However, the ABB equipment, in itself, does not contain any CGI process control technology. Likewise, SinterCast is an independent company that can provide its process control technology to any interested customer, regardless of which pouring equipment they are using. However, ideally, we will together support the CGI needs of the foundry industry so that our customers can benefit from the good development work that we have already conducted.

Both ABB and SinterCast have patents on their respective technologies. SinterCast has two patents specifically referring to process control of CGI in pressurised pouring furnaces. Our other patents related to the sampling technology (4) and the metallurgical evaluation of the iron behaviour (6) apply in the same way for the pouring furnaces as they do for the traditional pouring techniques.