There have been no scientific publications authored or co-authored by SinterCast for a while. Is this a reflection on the acceptance of CGI-processes and machining in the industry?

Shareholder, Tommy Haraldsson

SinterCast presented a paper entitled "Practical Applications for Compacted Graphite Iron" at the Global Powertrain Congress in Ann Arbor Michigan, USA on 25 September 2002. The paper discussed engine results for weight reduction, power-up, cylinder bore distortion and noise reduction when using CGI. The paper also reviewed the potential applications of CGI in the automotive industries, similar to the presentation made at the SinterCast AGM 24 May 2002. SinterCast also made a CGI presentation at the American Foundry Society Conference in Kansas City in May 2002.

It is a good observation that SinterCast is not publishing as many technical papers as in the past. The reason for this is that most of the technical issues surrounding CGI are now well understood in the industry and the pure R&D activities and general sales and information about CGI are largely behind us. As SinterCast has evolved from a development company to a true technology supplier, our focus has changed toward providing direct technical support of our customer activities.