In the last Interim Report and the Audio Q&A forum, SinterCast announced that it had secured approximately 35% of the world capacity for cast iron cylinder blocks and heads. It was also suggested that the SinterCast foundry partners may actually represent approximately 60% of the realistic CGI supply base for the next five or so years. How can SinterCast be sure that the already signed up foundries do not use another method for their production of CGI?

Shareholder, name withheld

As our shareholders have seen, our industry generally has a long ’courtship’ period before a foundry commits to a long-term relationship with a technology supplier. Therefore, when a foundry establishes an Agreement with SinterCast, it is because the foundry has a deep knowledge of our company and has confidence in our ability to support their CGI production requirements. We have worked together with our customers for many years to establish solid technical solutions and to build strong personal relationships on all levels. Our customers have invested time and money in SinterCast and they will seek a return on that investment by using the technology in series production.

SinterCast’s primary approach to securing the loyalty of its customers is to provide the best CGI process control technology, the deepest CGI knowledge base to support all aspects of their development, the best service and the best overall value. This vision is shared by every SinterCast employee. The customer is the focus of everything that we do. Of course, the legal contracts with our customers also include clauses on non-competition, renewal and termination and these clauses have been approved by our lawyers and Board of Directors. However, on the foundry floor, we will earn the respect and secure the continued loyalty of our customers by providing class-leading technology, know-how, service and value.