How many companies (automotive and/or foundry) use the SinterCast CGI material property database? Is the database only available for customers that use the SinterCast technology for their CGI production?

Shareholder, Peter Karlberg

The SinterCast CGI material property database is available in two different formats. The first format is the overview publication entitled: “Compacted Graphite Iron: Mechanical and Physical Properties for Engine Design”. This paper has been presented at various conferences and is available from our website (click here). We distribute this paper as widely as possible to reinforce the industrial ’link’ between CGI and SinterCast. It is also interesting to note that, as a result of the good research done by SinterCast, the American Foundry Society (AFS) has requested that SinterCast write the CGI Chapter in the new Iron Casting Handbook. We expect that the new AFS Handbook, last published in 1981, will be published during 2003. The CGI chapter will be slightly more detailed than our standard paper.

The second format for our CGI material property database includes the raw data from the individual tests that were conducted. These are the input data that are required for computer aided (finite element) design. These data are only provided to development programs that we are involved in.