According to the Comments of Phil Lake in the Cast Metal Times interview, the production of the CGI Lion engine will begin during "early 2003". Can SinterCast clarify the timing?

Shareholder, Anders Thomsson

The start of the foundry series production for the Lion block will occur during the period June-July 2003. The foundry production leadtime is determined by the vehicle launch date and the time required for the complete supply chain. The Lion engine is expected to appear in dealer showrooms during the first quarter of 2004. The supply chain for the Lion block includes casting and preliminary machining at Tupy in Brazil, transport by sea to England, final machining, engine assembly, vehicle assembly and finally, vehicle distribution to dealerships. In addition to these steps, allocation must also be made for stock and supply buffers.

The leadtime for each product will differ depending on the individual supply chain. In advance of the start of foundry series production during Summer-2003, several "Make-Like-Production" test runs are being made in early 2003 to establish the readiness of the foundry production and entire supply chain and assembly routines. SinterCast is actively supporting these pre-production activities.