Can you comment on what contributions are expected from Professor Dover’s presence on the Board of Directors?

Shareholder, name withheld

Formally, we must wait for the shareholder approval at the 20 April 2004 AGM before Professor Dover is appointed to the Board. However, we are excited about the prospect of benefiting from his industry experience, senior-level contacts and good reputation.

Professor Dover’s long experience in the automotive industry will provide valuable input to the Board discussions and to the overall management of the Company. His experience will help us to evaluate industry trends and to define future targets and priorities. His extensive contacts with other senior executives throughout the OEM community will also help to deepen the contact base at our existing OEM Customers and to broaden our contacts to new OEMs, particularly beyond Europe, North America, Japan and Korea. We anticipate that Professor Dover will also participate directly in some Customer meetings to share his experience with the development and series production of the Ford-PSA V6 cylinder block produced in SinterCast-CGI. All of our Board members regularly contribute as discussion partners for the management on issues in their respective areas of expertise. We look forward to similar contributions from Professor Dover in matters related to our OEM activities and overall business planning.

From the Company’s perspective, our goal is to grow and prosper by earning the respect of our Customers. Professor Dover’s willingness to join our Board, and to associate himself with our Company, sends a clear signal that the development and the series production launch of the Ford-PSA 2.7 litre V6 engine has been a success. We have earned the respect of our Customer.