I have recently read some information about joint industry-government projects for the development of new material technologies related to the automotive industry. Is SinterCast involved in these projects?

Shareholder, name withheld

The main University-Industry-Government project related to automotive materials is known as ‘MERA’ (Manufacturing Engineering Research Area). The primary focus of the MERA project is the optimisation of machining techniques for new materials, in order to increase the overall competitiveness of the Swedish automotive industry. Another important result of the MERA project will be to support a new generation of university graduates that can enter the industry and contribute with strong materials and manufacturing skills. More information about the MERA program can be found at www.vinnova.se/vinnova_templates/Page____10406.aspx

Under the larger MERA umbrella, there is a specific automotive materials project known as ‘Optima’. Optima includes a sub-project related to the machining of CGI. SinterCast is one of the industrial partners of the Optima project and Steve Wallace, Operations Director, is a member of the Steering Group for the CGI sub-project. SinterCast will primarily contribute by supporting the production of various CGI components and test pieces for the machining trials. Additional information about the Optima project can be found at www.chalmers.se/mmt/SV/centra/projekt (Swedish only).

Another recent University-Industry-Government development was the formation of the Castings Innovation Centre (CIC). The CIC was formed in 2004 following an agreement between Gjuteriföreningen and Ingenjörshogskolan in Jönköping. The CIC is currently creating an “Industry Excellence Centre” with the CIC. The Industry Excellence Centre focuses on casting technology and is funded by the Swedish government and industry partners. SinterCast is one of the industrial partners of the Industry Excellence Centre, again providing technical contributions to projects related to CGI.

SinterCast is actively involved in research projects that can promote the overall development, awareness and acceptance of CGI. We are also committed to supporting the development of a new generation of engineering graduates that can further advance the global leadership and respect for Swedish metallurgical know-how and products.