In previous Interim Reports, SinterCast has referred to a new System 3000 installation and the start of series production at an "undisclosed international" cylinder block and head foundry. Can you confirm if PurePOWER is the undisclosed foundry.

Yes, the Navistar PurePOWER foundry in Indianapolis is the "undisclosed international" cylinder block and head foundry that was referred to in the Interim Reports. For strategic reasons, Navistar required that SinterCast could not inform the market about the installation or the series production until now. We honoured this customer demand and secured the understanding of the NASDAQ OMX stock exchange. In parallel, we decided to include the installation and start of production milestones in the Interim Reports to reflect our good market progress. We are pleased that the Navistar heavy-duty cylinder block production has successfully ramped up and we appreciate the support of Navistar in issuing the joint press release.