Series production revenue for the second quarter (SEK 15.4 million) was lower than the first quarter (SEK 16.3 million), despite that the production volume increased from 2.0 million Engine Equivalents to 2.2 million Engine Equivalents.  Can you explain this apparent contradiction?

Shareholder, name withheld

The series production revenue includes revenue from the Production Fee, consumables and software licence fees.  The reason for the difference between the first quarter and the second quarter is simply the difference in the timing of the shipment of consumables.  During the first quarter, approximately 15% more Sampling Cups were shipped than in the second quarter.  In parallel, the shipment of the consumable Thermocouple Pair (which is usually ordered together with Sampling Cups) was also higher in first quarter.  This increase in the consumable volume buoyed the first quarter production revenue.  The series production in the second quarter was 10% higher than the first quarter and the revenue from the Production Fee increased accordingly.  The difference is purely due to the timing of consumable shipments – there has not been any change in the Production Fee pricing or business model.