SinterCast supplies process control technology and solutions for the reliable high volume production of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI). The SinterCast technology measures and controls the molten iron before it is cast into moulds, thus reducing scrap, conserving energy and ensuring cost-effective series production in the foundry. The primary application of CGI is in engines used in passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and industrial power applications. The SinterCast technology reduces energy consumption and waste during the manufacturing phase and increases fuel efficiency throughout the lifetime of the vehicle, providing improved transport solutions with significant CO2 savings.

SinterCast promotes CGI within the foundry and end-user communities to increase the overall market opportunity for CGI and to define the forefront of CGI development, production and application. SinterCast also develops and promotes novel technologies beyond the core CGI market, including tracking and traceability solutions and other precision measurement products that bring improved control, profitability and energy efficiency to the foundry industry. These focused activities will provide long-term benefits for foundries, end-users, shareholders, and society.