SinterCast: Driving Sustainability

SinterCast-CGI enables improved transportation solutions, increasing efficiency and reducing CO2 during manufacturing and on the road.

Focussing on Large Vehicles to Provide Environmental Contributions – Today

CGI is stronger than conventional cast iron and aluminium. This enables engine designers to decrease engine size while increasing thermal and mechanical loading. The net result: increased performance, increased efficiency, decreased fuel consumption and decreased CO2 emissions.

The ongoing demands for sustainability, downsizing, fuel economy and pulling power are driving OEMs toward CGI, particularly in large vehicles like pick-up trucks and commercial vehicles that account for approximately 90% of our production. With more than 95% of all long-haul heavy-duty commercial vehicles relying on diesel power, and no viable alternative in sight, these trends provide opportunities for long-term growth and long-term environmental contributions from SinterCast.

In the late 1990’s, the introduction of more stringent emissions legislation increased the need for better, cleaner engines and therefore, stronger materials. This gave SinterCast the opportunity to prove its technology. Today, as fuel prices increase and with new emissions legislation mandating further reductions in transport emissions, the industry consensus is that most heavy-duty commercial vehicles will adopt CGI. The improved efficiency of the SinterCast technology reduces the CO2 footprint and the cost of the goods society consumes.

Our technology enables the production of smaller, cleaner engines. While the industry develops alternative technologies that offer the potential for zero emissions in the future, we make big contributions to big volumes of big vehicles – today.

Increasing Climate Efficiency in the Foundry and on the Road

    • In the Foundry: The SinterCast technologies – and the use of CGI – reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy, thus reducing CO2 emissions
    • On the Road: SinterCast-CGI enables the use of smaller, more efficient engines, improving fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions

Our Ambition

As a technology led company, we will build upon our technical expertise to develop and deliver novel solutions that reduce energy and waste during the manufacturing phase and increase fuel efficiency throughout the life of the vehicle. The realisation of this ambition will provide improved cost efficiency for our foundry customers and for the end-users of our vehicles, together with meaningful CO2 reduction for society.