CGI Business Model

SinterCast sells or leases the System 3000 hardware, leases the process control software, sells the sampling consumables, and charges a running Production Fee for each tonne of CGI castings produced using the SinterCast technology. Revenue is also derived from spare parts, customer service, field trials and sales of test pieces. The individual components of the CGI business model are described as follows:

SinterCast System 3000 for production of Compacted Graphite Iron.

System 3000

Sampling Cup

  • System 3000 Hardware Platform: The System 3000 can be configured to suit the layout and process flow of any foundry. Typical sales prices are €300,000~600,000 for the full System 3000 or System 3000 Plus, and €50,000~100,000 for the Mini-System 3000, depending on the configuration and installation requirements. For leased systems, the typical lease period is seven years, but the duration can vary.

  • Process Control Software: The software applies the metallurgical know-how and provides the operating logic for the System 3000 hardware. SinterCast charges an Annual Software Licence Fee and retains ownership of the software.

  • Sampling Consumables: The consumables consist of the Sampling Cup and the Thermocouple Pair. One Sampling Cup is consumed with each measurement. The Thermocouple Pair is re-used for up to 250 measurements. One SinterCast measurement is required for each production ladle.

  • Production Fee: A running fee is levied for each tonne of shipped castings, based on the as-cast (pre-machined) weight. There are 20 Engine Equivalents (50 kg each) per tonne.

  • Technical Support: SinterCast provides engineering service for product development, trials, new installations and calibrations, metallurgical consultancy, and ongoing customer service.

The total running fees (sampling consumables plus Production Fee) depend on the ladle size and the casting yield. For  typical cylinder block production, the current running fees provide a revenue of approximately €40~50 per tonne of castings, equivalently, €2.00~2.50 for each 50 kg Engine Equivalent. The SinterCast business model is highly scalable, allowing profitability to rise as the installed base grows and as more products enter series production.